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I Love A Bubble Butt

Friday, February 12th, 2010

I am looking for a big round ass to play with! The fuller, the better – I’m talking a REAL bubble butt!

First, I want to just watch a chick with a great ass walk around my place with just tight t-shirt and thong on. That way I just focus on her that plump booty. Save the tits and puss for later, ya know? Then I want to have that hot babe lay across my lap, letting her feel my cock grow hard as I rub my hands all over that sweet ass. I know I am gonna have lick those round cheeks, then spread em a bit so I can get a delicious taste of the sweet brown eye she hides between those delicious pieces of bubble butt ass fruit. I love to kiss and lick the glorious ass cheeks on a round, plump bum.

At that point I know I am gonna lose it. There is going to have to be some serious doggin it going on after that delicious licking. Before that fun butt knows what is happening, she is gonna be on all fours with that delightful rump in the air as I fuck her good from behind. I love the feel of holding two big ass cheeks as I ram my big, hard cock into a nice tight, wet pussy. You can bet those gorgeous ass cheeks are gonna get some further lovin’ at the rear door too. That big ass is gonna get the lovin of a life time.

“Ass cheeks make me weak at the knees!”

Butt Lover
(The bigger the butt the better)

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I Need My Ass Reamed

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

I got a little confession….

I want it up my bum and I want it hard and hot! Hi everyone. I am hoping someone out there can help me out. I am a hot, sexy babe with a great ass who wants her back door reamed good. I am looking for a stud with a big, thick cock who loves shoving it way up a pretty girl’s tight asshole. But here is the deal. You can’t let my boyfriend know. See, he thinks anal is icky. I know, totally weird. But anyway, I really like him, but I need my butt plowed every once in a while and since he won’t do it I am looking for a hot stud to fill my back end every once in a while.

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So if there is a hottie out there with a hard cock and willingness to help me and my little asshole out please let me know! Hurry, it has been soooo long and my ass is just so very eager for its next plowing!

“…Put some grease on that thing and stick it in!”

(Not THAT one)

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She Loves Anal Sex

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Like butt fucking and bunghole busting some hot young wench? Or maybe you just like corn holing some mature slut as she begs for more?

And have you ever wondered why a woman would want a huge cock up her ass stretching her asshole wide?

Maybe you should see why she loves anal sex and always is looking to get her turd tunnel filled, LOL!

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Slam My Asshole, Baby, YEAH!

It’s a butt bandit’s dream cum true when a woman bends over, spreads her beautiful butt cheeks and offers up her tight brown anus for some delicious hairy starfish fanny fucking! I’m a nut for butt banging a slut, so never mind my perverted ramblings, just grab some of these hot anal sex porn movies I found for us today on Big Money Porn! It’s a bunghole busting butt bangathon of ass buggering good times! Now GO forth and SODOMIZE!

…just a bit of rectum wrecking fun, my dear, now bend over!

Corn Holer

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Amateur Girl Ass Porn

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

So what exactly IS “amateur girl ass porn” you wonder?

Well, it can be one of the following:

- Some free galleries of amateur girl’s ass pictures and bare bottom antics.

- Maybe hardcore enema movies where girl’s get their naughty colons cleansed and rectums rinsed.

- Or even XXX anal sex video showing all sorts of lovely girls and women getting their anuses stretched and butts fucked by big dick studs!

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Not The Enema Bag, Please NO!

Anyway you slice it, the fact is it means buns up bare butt fun and frolics that are sure to satisfy your cock and drain your nut sac in a variety of bewildering and ass pleasing ways!

(Can I state here for the record I have never personally met a girl who had a “naughty colon”, but I damn sure would love to!)


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